About Us

Torchlight Publishing

Mission Statement

Torchlight Publishing’s Mission is to assist people to live spiritually balanced, healthy, compassionate, and fulfilling lives.

To achieve this we help people:

  1. Appreciate the timeless wisdom of the ancient Vedic Culture by publishing the Great Classics of India – Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bhagavad-gita, and works related to these classics.
  2. Live healthy and compassionate lifestyles by publishing books on health and vegetarianism.
  3. Enrich their lives and careers by publishing books on leadership, inspiration, and skills for success in life.
  4. Expand their scientific horizons and critical thinking, by publishing books that explore spiritually based alternatives to modern reductionist science and philosophy.

We promise to

Passionately strive to provide unforgettably excellent customer service.


Torchlight Publishing, Inc. was founded in 1995.