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A God Who Dances — Krishna for You

by Carl Woodham

“If they want me to believe in their God they’ll have to sing me better songs . . . I could only believe in a God who dances.”


Suppose you’re at a crowded party. You meet a man who says, “I came with my wife. She’s the love of my life.” Looking around the room you ask, “Which one is your wife? Is she blonde or brunette?” “I’m not sure.” “Well, is she short or tall?” “I don’t know.”

“White or black? Fat or thin? Brown or blue eyes?” “I have no idea. But I really love her.” “How can you love someone you don’t even know?”

Now, if someone asked you who God is, would you fare any better? If we are honest, most of us will admit that our understanding of God is vague, no matter how much we profess our love. No wonder Nietzsche famously asked for a better God than a blustering old man or a name-
less nothing. How do you love an unseen some One or some Thing?

Since God created personable, lovable, vivacious people, He must have the same stuff in full. Otherwise, where did our attractive qualities originate? If God had no personality, how could anyone be attracted to Him? If He wasn’t attractive, how could anyone love Him?

A God Who Dances, a summary of the Bhagavad-gita and Bhagavat-Purana (including a poeticized version of the 10th Canto) will introduce you to Krishna. Krishna means, ‘the all-attractive Person.’ Knowing Krishna will bring you a windfall of spiritual understanding and realization about the nature of God.

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Reviewed by: The Midwest Book Review

“Despite its huge popularity in Eastern cultures, and even though it is recognized by many Western scholars as a literary masterpiece, most people in the West have no knowledge or awareness of the work. Now Krishna Dharma and Torchlight have provided the English-speaking reader with a superb opportunity to discover and enjoy this ancient and influential classic.”