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Following a Prophecy

This is a true story of an adventure headed by a Vaisnava server whose faith, tenacity and sense of adventure, leads to an amazing story of a pilgrimage that started in the Appalachian mountains in the United States and extended all the way down through Center America, until Ecuador.

A story full of great detail of the culture, landscape, dangers and beauties of every country this Vaisnava server passed with his two horses and the beloved Deities (Caitanya Mahaprabhu) spreading the word of love of Krsna.


This book is about a remarkable spiritual journey, filled with drama, tears, and inspiration. It is about an astonishing personality, Avadut Siromani, and his tenacious fight for survival while trying to serve his beloved Lords under the most dire and harsh conditions. It is a story of faith, love, and willpower. It will be inspiring to anyone who reads it. When I heard he had been in a horrendous accident in South America, it broke my heart. I wondered why Sri Krishna would let this happen to his faithful servant. I wanted to help, and somehow we were able to establish communication. I was able to offer financial assistance in a small way, and I never heard any self-pity or blame in any of our letters. It affected me very much to see such courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. Writing this book has been a healing exercise for Avadut’s spirit while his body was repairing. His faith in Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar has never wavered and his impulse was to protect them at the moment of severe crisis. What a lesson for all of us! Personally I will always be there to encourage him and offer my friendship. He has earned my love, admiration and respect and we can all draw inspiration and courage from his incredible journey.


Hare Krishna, Dandavats, Ambarisa Das (Alfred Ford)