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Mystical Stories from the Mahabharata

by Amal Bhakta

Twenty Timeless Lessons in Wisdom and Virtue

Immortality… Invincibility… Curses and counter curses… Old age transformed into youth…

In Mystical Stories from the Mahabharata, Amal Bhakta has distilled from India´s greatest spiritual epic a collection of gripping stories filled with adventure, romance, intrigue, and timeless wisdom. In his vivid storytelling style, Amal Bhakta brings to life some of the Mahabharata´s most fascinating and exhilarating adventures.





by: Christopher Warden
There is nothing trivial or petty about any of these gemlike vignettes from India’s ancient past. Expertly rendered by Amal Bhakta, a lifelong devotee of India’s Vedic culture, the book’s noble characters and amazing tales convincingly enchant, absorb, enlighten, and renew one. No household should be without a copy.